• Enjoy higher yields with less work thanks to the reliable robotics offered by GEA’s FRone automated feed pusher.

    You’ll never need to put your back into pushing feed again with the FRone but your animals will have access to fresh, high-quality feed 24-7.

    A robotic feed pusher that does all the work for you. Easily program 24-hour or 48-hour route cycles (as many as you need) and start times via a handy remote control. It can also clean the feed alley. Maximum speed: 6m/minute.

    Never push feed again:
    Save up to 90 hours of work per year while the FRone does the feed pushing for you with a payback period of just 1-4 years.

    Higher milk yields:
    Improves milk yield by 1-3% by ensuring all animals can access the right level of feed, even lower-ranking animals in the second feeding group.

    Cow health:
    Adequate nutrition for each animal means improved general herd health, reduced risk of illness and reduced need for treatment.

    Cleaning function:
    Cleans the entire feed passage.

    Small to large herds:
    Herd size of up to 1,000 cows.

    Long battery operation:
    Operates for up 15 hours with a total charging cycle of 5 hours.