• The Dairypower Smart Manure Aeration System is one of the safest, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly slurry management systems on the market. Ensure that your manure is always ready to spread, as this system maintains your manure in a homogeneous, pumpable state all year round.

    The unique rotary valve aerates sections of the manure tank for set time periods to eliminate dangerous gas build up associated with manually agitating manure. Dairypower Smart Manure Aeration System does not disturb animals due to its long-life electric drive unit which smoothly operates on a high-volume and low-pressure basis.

    Safe and versatile:
    Eliminates the dangers from gases (such as methane and hydrogen sulphide) that are associated with manual, tractor slurry agitation. For use on dairy, beef and pig farms.

    Lower fertiliser costs:
    Adding oxygen via your aeration system reduces nitrogen loss from manure, maximising its potential and reducing dependency on chemical fertilizer. Proven in dry matter to increase nitrogen values from 2.7% to 4% when aerated and increase ammonia nitrogen values from 1.4% to 2.4% when aerated.

    You can rely on consistency in the distribution of manure nutrients and ensure your manure is always in a homogenous state and in perfect condition for use in low emission spreaders such as dribble bars, shallow injection spreaders and more.

    Improved crop:
    Crops have improved growth rates after spreading.

    Easy retrofit:
    Easy to retro-fit to any existing slurry tank.

     Odour reduction:
    Pumping air into the manure tank results in effective mixing caused by the physical action of rising air bubbles, and odour reduction of the aerobic bacteria which digest toxins, fatty acids and ammonia.

    Aeration Component at glance

    Components at a glance

    Electric Drive Unit

    • Suction filtration system to protect blower pump for long life of components
    • High-volume, low-pressure (5 PSI approx) for low noise and animal comfort
    • Adjustable air pressure to optimise for manure conditions


    • 50mm class D uPVC pipe which doesn’t corrode or degrade.
    • Stainless steel fixing brackets and stainless steel bolts.
    • Each supply pipe feeds an outlet-branch which has self-closing neoprene non-return outlet valves that open when air is pumped in.

    Rotary Valve

    • Electric 24V rotary valve
    • The blower pump supplies air via a manifold to the valve
    • Rotary valve distributes air through the 50mm uPVC piping to an outlet-branch which aerates a manure section for a set time period
    • The valve rotates to distribute air to the next outlet-branch, and so on