• Cotswald DX Water Heater

    This specially developed DX Water Heater from the Cotswald Dairy Equipment Company is a variation of a standard dairy water heater that incorporates a brass hot water pump.

    • 24-hour time click, as standard (48-hour time click option available)
    • Brass 0.5 horsepower hot water pump
    • Water to tank washer delivered at 20 litre per minute, at 20psi
    • An Auto pump controller with gauge is available as an optional extra to ensure no need for wiring your milk tank to the heater

    The Standard Dairy Water Heater, DX Water Heater Pump and DX Water Heater Pressure Switch can be purchased together or separately, as required.

  • Fabdec Uni Heat

    The Uni-Heat from Fabdec is an unvented water heater which is available in seven different volume capacities – between 150 litres and 500 litres – to suit any farm size.

    • Scratch-resistant Plastisol coating
    • Inner vessel made of Duplex stainless steel
    • 60mm polyurethane CFC-free insulation
    • Maximum operating pressure: 6 Bar
    • Maximum immersion operating temperature: 85°C
    • Unique inlet baffle blends cold and hot water
    • Suitable for use with drinking water
    • Temperature and pressure relief valve, 7 Bar 90°C pre-installed
    • 1 x 1¾” 3kW titanium immersion heater fitted on 150-255 litre models, with 2 immersion heaters fitted on 305-500 litre models