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  • Cooling Tank C5920

    Store large volumes of milk safely while making the most of your available space with the C5920 vertical milk cooling tank from GEA. For use either internally or externally, the C5920 silo tank can easily be expanded in modules of additional extras and components.

    The C5920 silo tank’s construction is its most attractive feature. Store large quantities of milk safely and carefully on a base of concrete measuring only 14 m² for maximum use of space. Its vertical construction means the C5920 completely empties, meaning it is easily cleaned while its stainless steel double wall ensures long service life.

    Diameter choice: Available in diameters of 2.25m or 3m with regardless of volume capacity required, so only a small storage area is required on your dairy farm.

    Volume options: Volume capacity range of 8,000 litres to 40,000 litres, with six different capacity options, to suit small or large herd sizes.

    Safe milk storage: Double-walled, hermetically sealed and fully welded to offer full protection from water ingress in the insulation. A patented safety valve ensures no water penetrates the tank and contaminates your stored milk.

    Careful milk storage: An agitator and an efficient cleaning function ensure your milk always remains the highest quality after storage.

    Robust construction: Stainless steel construction ensures your milk storage solution is robust and weatherproof for long life, even when located outside.

    Easily modified: Different cooling units and extras such as sampling technology are available for this cooling tank.

    Cost-saving: Add scroll compressors to save up to 13% on energy bills for cooling your milk, making it more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

    Automatic control: The iCool control unit monitors temperature and automatically adjusts the system upon detection of a temperature increase. The unit alerts you to any problems early on while also giving you control to customise cooling, cleaning and agitation parameters to meet your needs.

    Automated cleaning: Save on labour time thanks to the C5920 milk tank’s intelligent cleaning system. A six-outlet water sprinkler targets water throughout the tank during cleaning. A filling level meter stops the safety release valve from closing while cleaning takes place and also determines the optimum concentration of cleaning agent to be used. Your desired cleaning can be pre-programmed using your ICool control unit.

  • Cooling Tank TCool

    The GEA TCool milk tank with horizontal storage is one of the best-selling solutions on the Irish market because it is trusted by dairy farmers to maximise the quality of milk during storage. With the easy-to-use ICool control system, you can monitor and control every parameter of your milk storage with minimum effort.

    The TCool allows you customise your milk cooling process to your dairy farm operation by offering a selection of 24 variants and capacities – from 1,010 litres up to 33,500 litres. The TCool has inlets from above, below, front and back.

    Customised cooling: Available in 24 variants to ensure you get the best solution for your operation.

    Quality control: Ensure consistently high standards of quality control thanks to top performing insulation and long lasting evaporators.

    No thermal bridges: The TCool milk tank works to prevent thermal bridges forming and limits temperature increases to 0.5°C in any 12 hour period.

    Energy saving: The TCool is a very economical cooling tank solution. The ICool control system automatically monitors energy consumption, providing alerts should there be any errors in the cold chain.

    Assured temperature control: The ICool achieves temperature accuracy levels of +/- 0.2 % at 4 °C.

    Precision cleaning: A vertical high-performance pump achieves complete drainage following cleaning to prevent milk from losing quality due to freezing.

    Safer cleaning: The regulated dosage volume of general cleaning agent is delivered via the pump for safer cleaning, preventing your direct contact with cleaning agents.

    Cleaning variations: Various cleaning agents are required to avoid the various contamination risks when storing milk. Changes in cleaning agents are controlled by the ICool control system, saving you time and ensuring safety by preventing hazardous contact with more powerful cleaning agents. Choose between alkaline and acidic cleaners.

    Pump protection: An intake filter protects the pump and prevents the spray head from clogging.

    Access your milk data: The ICool Analyzer provides real-time data and status information for up to four cooling units and the agitation process. The software also allows you to record milk volume and temperature information, access the previous 100 wash cycles, and archive up to 10 years’ of data on a USB stick. Data may also be exported as a CSV file for further analysis in a spreadsheet.

  • Koolway milk tanks are renowned for reliability among dairy farmers across the world.

    Due to its high quality construction, the Koolway milking tank is the most dependable milk cooling solution on the market.

    Koolway milk tanks may be paired with Koolway scroll condensing units, which allows the system to automatically and economically adapt to milk load changes. This means that the system works harder when volumes are higher and less when volumes are lower, conserving energy and saving you money.

    Highly efficient:
    Maximum efficiency in milk cooling.

    Accurate measuring:
    The system intelligently measures milk volume with precision accuracy.

    Automated cooling:
    Cooling capacity is automatically adjusted.

    Volume options:
    Koolway milk tanks provide superior storage for volumes from 2,700 litres to 36,000 litres.

    Temperature control display:
    A digital display shows you the milk temperature, which is intelligently controlled by the system to ensure optimum milk storage temperature is maintained.

    No milk contamination:
    Ultra protection from milk contamination as Koolway tanks are constructed to exceed 3A sanitary standards for superior sanitation.

    Always dependable:
    Laser-welded evaporators for long service life.

    Easy maintenance:
    An external stainless steel wash pump is mounted on the tank and assures better and easier tank cleaning. Easy access to the outlet valve with a new patented design ladder.