• The Alfco Rope Slurry Scraper cleans cubicle and feed passages with the utmost efficiency, safely, quietly and economically. It can be operated manually or automatically at pre-programmed intervals.

    The system can clean feed passages of various widths and lengths – up to 120 metres. It is operated using two winches mounted at one end of the cubicle house. The winches operate alternatively using a high quality and animal friendly dynema rope which moves the floating scraper blades to deliver excellent cleaning and hygiene results.

    Easy operation:
    Easily programmed using the control panel, with user-friendly keypad. The system has three power settings (Motor start-up, normal running power and cow down protection).

    Animal safety:
    If an animal is detected by the sensors to be lying in the passage, the scraper will reverse and stop, waiting for one minute before reactivating. If it detects an animal lying on the next attempt, it will reverse and shut down, remaining stationary until restarted manually by the operator.

    Constructed using galvanised steel, stainless steel, acetal pulley and dynema rope for low maintenance, high durability and long life. On start-up, the invertor gives the motor 30 seconds to power up to maximum speed before work begins, maximising the life of the gearbox and rope.

    Corner Pullies:

    • Pulley housing manufactured from 6mm galvanised steel
    • Floor or wall mounting option
    • Hard wearing acetal pulley rotates on a stainless-steel pin
    • No greasing required

    Corner Pullies

     Drive Winches:

    • Constructed from heavy gauge, hot-dipped galvanised steel.
    • Floor or wall mounting option
    • Waterproof sensors control parking and speed
    • Scraper speed of 4m/minute, slowing on approach to your slatted tank to allow more time for drainage
    • Accurate parking is achieved by sensors which detect a marker placed in the rope and a counter that records the revolutions on the winch drum
    • Slows down gradually when parking after cleaning cycle to ensure animals are not injured or frightened
    • Three gearbox and motor choices to suit varying passage lengths

    Drive Winches


    • 12 mm hard-wearing dynema rope
    • 16.4 ton minimum breaking load
    • No stretch
    • Very flexible and lightweight
    • Animal friendly

    Scraper Blade:

    • All-galvanised
    • 12mm steel blade, 20mm heels
    • Floating blades
    • Rope easily detached, attached and adjusted