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    Improve your dairy farm feeding process efficiency with precision TMR group feeding and optimal feed management using the GEA MixFeeder with wireless integrated control.

    This intelligent barn feeding system supplies your animals with rations that are freshly mixed and precisely measured 24-7. MixFeeder WIC software allows you to pre-set ingredients and volumes for each animal group and remotely select your optimal delivery frequency from your device.

    Precision feeding:
    Make your feeding exact for group feeding – whether rationing for dairy cows, high-performance or non-lactating cows, calves or bulls – with simple filling and weighing accuracy to ensure your animals perform to their full potential.

    Healthy animals:
    Precisely measured rations delivered at just the right intervals during the day improves cow health, reducing treatment fees, increasing milk quality and maximising yields.

    Remote feed management:
    Plan the optimum feed mix for your cows with maximum efficiency. Set your chosen feed delivery frequency from the convenience of your computer, so you can use your feed time to perform other important tasks.

    Smartphone updates:
    Receive all your animal feeding data in real time on a live display, with status updates direct to your smartphone – so wherever you are you know the feeding status in your barn.

  • Belt Feeder

    If you are seeking to introduce automatic feeding on your dairy farm, the GEA Automatic Feeding Belt Feeder is the perfect tool for the job. TMR feeding this automated feed distributor is ultra-efficient, user friendly and impressively durable. The Automatic Feeding Belt Feeder is the perfect introduction to automatic feeding on your farm.

    This small, compact, flexible and economic system features a combination of conveyor belt and sliding scraper that offers a number of key benefits for your farm operations.

    The Automatic Feeding Belt Feeder from GEA is a very affordable introduction to automatic feeding which can transform your farming day.

    Automatic TMR feeding:
    Combines a conveyor belt and sliding scraper to allow distribution of lesser amounts of raw feed at shorter intervals to different animal groups, as required.

    Easy set-up:
    Space-saving design and simple to install and easy set-up for your feeding needs.

    Reduced workload:
    Free up your feeding time with consistent and uniform automated feed management you can always rely on. Operation is simple and the durable components require low maintenance.

    Customised feeding:
    Easily adjust belt length individually to your stall size for precision total mixed ration feeding.

    Save space:
    The Belt Feeder adapts to your feeding table while the rope-guided carriage for feeding is fitted on the ceiling to save space and allow the feed element – which hangs from a steel rope – to move back and forth.

    Short or long distances:
    Tailor your Belt Feeder across short or long distances so that it suits your feeding needs irrespective of your farm or herd size. Belt length spans from 12m to 90m with a width from 45cm to 60cm.

    Transport feed easily:
    Your feed or feed components are easily and reliably transportable transported between bunkers, silos, mixers and the outfeed belt to optimum precision TMR.

    Continuous operation:
    Highest quality components that are perfectly matched ensure you benefit from reliable continuous operation.

    Choose belt surface:
    Select smooth or a structured surface on your belt The belt can be selected with either a smooth or a structured surface. The v-shaped belt can transport feed to animals over ascending or descending slopes where necessary.

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    This GEA wireless integrated control (WIC) feeding system minimises feed loss and eliminates overfeeding to promote good animal health and performance.

    Controlled by system software, the FreeStallFeeder’s automatic feed wagon gathers the TMR from the mixer and distributes the feed to each performance group quietly and precisely, in pre-set portions at your specified intervals around the clock. The feed wagon rolls on rails to the mixer where the finished feed mix is collected. Quietly and slowly, it moves along to the feeding tables at the pre-programmed times and distributes precision ration portions to each performance group.

    Pre-set feeding for 30 groups:
    The feeding system is programmed via your barn computer. Up to 30 performance groups can be separately defined, with specific feed portions, feeding times and frequency.

    Monitor feed data at a glance:
    All feeding information can be viewed and modified on your barn computer. Feed information is also available at a glance on your feeder touch screen. Up to date status reports can also be available via your smartphone.

    Software controlled:
    The software controls the mixed feed filling and distribution in the portions specified for each animal group.

    Automated feed wagon:
    Running on rails, the automated feed wagon does the work so you have time for other tasks.

    Wireless Integrated Control:
    Easy to programme via your barn computer or touch panel.

    Smartphone updates:
    Receive real-time status updates to your smartphone wherever you are at any time.

    Compact and space saving installation whether retrofitting your current barn or building a new facility.

  • Feeding Automated Mix and Carry WIC

    The Mix&Carry WIC from GEA is the ideal intelligent feeding solution for bigger farms, dramatically reducing manual labour needs by mixing feed precisely and carrying it to your animals on time, every time.

    The Mix&Carry WIC’s automatic feed wagon is controlled by wireless integrated technology and takes care of all weighing, mixing and distribution of your animal feedstuffs.

    Fully automated feeding:
    Daily feeding routines sorted at the touch of a button.

    Feed weighed:
    All feedstuffs from silos and/or bunkers are weighed before placement in a stationary mixer in accordance with the TMR.

    Delivery to feeding table:
    The automated feed wagon moves on rails to distribute the mixed feed via its conveyor at pre-programmed intervals to pre-selected areas on the feeding table – on either side or both.

    The 2 x 3m³ feed wagon requires a feeding table that is only 200 cm wide.

    Large capacity:
    The feed kitchen TMR centre is always busy preparing the next mixed ration while the feed wagon distributes to your feed table.

    30 groups/ingredients:
    Wire integrated software means you can control the feed management with absolute precision for up to 30 different performance groups, with 30 feed ingredients, conveniently from your barn computer.

    Reduced workload:
    With automated feeding routines, your farm workload is dramatically reduced giving you greater flexibility to focus on growing your business.

    Monitor feeding remotely:
    View real-time reports on all feed activities on your farm via your barn computer, touch panel screen or smartphone.

    Computer control:
    Easily change your systems’ feeding parameters via your barn computer or touch screen device.

    Data to hand:
    Store all statistical data from your feeding system data for handy review, analyses and optimisation of your feeding practices.

    Cut feed costs:
    Accurate mixing, weighing and distribution will ensure minimum wastage of feedstuffs, saving you money.

    Cow health:
    Cow health is optimised due to consistent fresh feed distribution, meaning you can maximise milk yield and quality.