Servicing And Aftersales

24-7 Emergency Call Out Service

Dairy Equipment Servicing
Servicing And Aftersales

If things go wrong with your milking system, our experts are always prepared to respond and get your dairy operation up and running at full speed. We offer an emergency call-out service on all our milking systems around the clock, so you can rest assured that a professional dairy engineer is always on hand help.

Regular Servicing And Maintenance

At McKnight Dairy Services our team of fully trained dairy technicians are always on hand to make sure your milking systems are maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This means your operation continues to produce maximum milk yields in the least amount of time with the lowest possible running costs – all while ensuring your herd’s teat condition and udder health are always in the best order. To ensure the efficient operation of your milking systems for long life, it’s vitally important to have them professionally serviced regularly.

Quality Assurance Checks

Routines checks carried out by you and regular maintenance by a qualified professional dairy engineer are also essential to meet quality assurance standards on your dairy farm.
After servicing your milking system, our technician will test it, write the results on a test report form, list any faults and recommendations and leave you a copy for your records to meet your obligations.
Your milking systems should be tested at least annually. Tests may be performed static (between milking times) or dynamic (during milking).

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