• The DairyRotor T8900 milking parlour offers the ultimate in productivity and efficiency for maximum profitability from your dairy operations. Trusted by dairy farmers worldwide, the T8900 is GEA’s most powerful rotary milking system for around the clock milking.

    Structure your milking routine just the way you want it, thanks to the flexibility of the design and be assured of reliability due to uncompromised durability.

    Your rotary milking parlour workplace is designed to be perfectly organised. The design ensures each step of your milking process is in sync. From your open view of animals and milking equipment, to your free access to cows’ udders, attaching arm, and ergonomically-placed milking cluster, the entire system is designed for ease of use for maximum productivity and efficiency. From cow throughput, to milking process or even transportation of milk, this parlour is designed and built for dairying performance at the highest level.

    Unbridled productivity and outstanding efficiency for animal-friendly milking in 24/7 operation. Developed for dairy farms worldwide that demand performance at the highest level.

    Larger herds:
    32-120 milking stalls allow mid-sized to very large herds to be milked with an unrivalled ratio of labour to milk yield.

    All components have been constructed to the highest standard for maximum service life in full 24/7 operation. The use of operationally safe materials coupled with unrivalled robust design ensure the constant operation of your DairyRotor T8900 milking parlour.

    Cow comfort:
    Smooth surfaces and round forms, with low-profile cabinets designed around cow anatomy enhance the animal’s relaxation. Milking comfort is maximised by a positioning arm that is free from leverage force which provides the ability to position the milking cluster individually for each udder.

    Ease of use:
    Cows move to free milking stalls within seconds.

    Fast process management:
    The GEA DairyMilk M6330 carousel system control gives you sight and control of all processes in real time. Monitor milking stall occupancy, cow data and milking results instantly on your touchscreen. Your individual cows are recognised upon arrival on the platform by an ID system. Milking management is carried out by milking control units and the milk-flow-controlled automatic detachment system.

    Reliable hygiene and cleaning:
    Dirt and water are drained away from the milker by the gently sloping deck towards a gutter in the middle. A large splash shield offers enhanced protection from spray for both the sensitive milking technology and the system’s interior. When automatic cluster removal is complete, the automated disinfection process ensures the milking unit is cleaned and ready for the next animal.

    Bespoke milking:
    Tailor your parlour for your dairying requirements by selecting your desired milking stall position (75°/90°) as well as the form of entry (V-shaped/parallel). Select the GEA milking technology components to suit your budget and needs.

    Energy efficient/low maintenance:
    Reduced friction, decreased running resistance, and less wear and tear.  This powerful parlour requires minimal energy consumption and requires low maintenance intervals. The DairyRotor T8900 offers unique quad roller drive and heavy-duty nylon rollers, with special profile in the roller frame to ensure safe alignment and minimum wear.

  • GEA’s Rotary Parlor iFLOW Platform is a modular milking system which is custom-built around the needs of your milking operation and overall dairy business objectives.

    From increased animal throughput to better data on your cows, to reduced labour requirements, to maximum automation, and low maintenance reliability guaranteed, this milking system is built around your dairy farm needs to drive performance.

    Tailored to you:
    The iFLOW milking system is engineered so that it can be custom built around the exact needs of your dairy farm. It’s simple but clever modular design drives efficiency while offering attractive flexibility for expanding dairy operations. Its design is based on simplicity, strength and ergonomics for long life and trouble-free operation.

    Hard wearing:
    The iFLOW includes a reinforced concrete deck on a raised plinth. The milking machine is mounted under the platform to ensure both maximum protection and ease of accessibility for maintenance. A subway roller carriage system underneath the platform employs heavy duty nylon rollers which run between the lower and upper steel beams (double ‘I’ beam), with tensioners evenly distributed to maintain correct roller alignment. Rollers are located every 600mm for even distribution of platform weight, which results in less wear on rollers and longer life.

    The largest circumference drive wheels available on the market ensure reduced pressure on the beams that drive the platform, which results in less wear and tear.

    Using nylon rollers rather than steel means there’s no wear strip needed and no bearings.  The iFlow’s automatic lubrication system, means that messy manual oil lubrication is not required.

    Low maintenance:
    Owners of the iFlow parlour have hailed it as ‘the trouble-free system that goes and goes’. It is renowned for offering the lowest total cost of ownership of any rotary platform on the market.

    Automatic cup removers:
    Auto cup removers are incorporated into the bail design.

    Reduced infection risk:
    Automatic teat sprayers reduce infection risk.

    Low input:
    A single operator can milk up to 600 cows.

    High throughput:
    A 100 stall capacity offers high throughput of milking cows.

    Auto greasers:
    Maintenance time and mess is reduced due to the automatic lubrication system.

    Herd data:
    The system includes integrated herd management software

    Cow comfort:
    Your cows’ milking experience is relaxed, as optimum cow comfort has been at the heart of the iFlow’s design process.

    More grazing time:
    Cows spend less time milking and more time grazing.

    Reduced worker load:
    The efficiency of the iFlow means less labour and time is required to milk your herds each day.

    Milking performance - cows / hour

    Rotation Times (min) 7 7,5 8 8,5 9 9,5 10
    No. of rotary balls No. Cows milked per hour
    28 240 224 210 198 187 177 168
    32 275 256 240 226 214 203 192
    36 309 288 270 255 240 228 216
    40 343 320 300 283 267 253 240
    44 378 352 330 311 294 278 264
    50 429 400 375 353 334 316 300
    54 463 432 405 382 360 342 324
    60 515 480 450 424 400 379 360
    64 549 512 480 452 427 405 384
    70 600 560 525 495 467 443 420
    80 686 640 600 565 534 506 480
    100 858 800 750 706 667 632 600
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