• The Alfco Slurry Scraper automatically scrapes slurry from varying widths of both cubicle and feed passages. As many as six passages may be serviced on one powerpack and control panel at any time.

    A galvanised rambox is installed at the end of each passage with a double-acting ram to move the central draw bar back and forth. The scraper moves forward with each stroke. When it reaches the end of the track, the scraper reverses to its parking position automatically. The hydraulic oil supply is then automatically switched off.

    Durable power unit:
    The hydraulic pump is heavy duty with a specially designed oil filter, which minimises dirt in the oil to increase the system’s lifespan.

    Low noise level:
    The hydraulic pump is designed to run at low noise.

    Smooth operation:
    A special soft-turning changeover valve ensures cows are not disturbed or distressed.

    Individual plant control:
    Easily adjustable turning pressure for individual plant control.

    Manual operation from control panel:
    Individual passages may be started manually, with the scraper returning to parked position upon finishing its cycle.

    Automatic operation from control panel:
    Individual passages start automatically at your pre-programmed times, with the scraper returning to parked position upon finishing its cycle.

    Long life scraper blade:
    The durable, all-galvanised safety blade, is constructed from 12mm steel with 20mm heels for long life and trouble-free operation.

    Safe scraper blade:
    The blade has a built-in trip mechanism to enhance safety if a passage is blocked. When tripped it returns to its parked position.

    Excellent cleaning:
    The floating blade delivers excellent cleaning results and high standards of hygiene.

    Choose rambox size:
    Long or short rambox available for maximum flexibility.

    Unique parking switch:
    Position your scraper at the end of each passage using a unique parking switch.

    Glanded Junction Box:
    The rambox has a glanded junction box and is all galvanised with a separate cylinder cover for easy service and inspection.

    Cow friendly track:
    Curved notches make the 5mm all-galvanised steel track cow friendly. The track features guide brackets every 1500mm.

    All shed types:
    The undertrack ram assembly, which has a unique sensor parking system, is suitable for all shed types.

    Full cleaning:
    The undertrack ram assembly ensures the blade always parks close to the wall, causing no obstruction and resulting in full cleaning of the passage.


    Cylinder: 45/30 x 500mm
    Scraper height: 175mm (effective)
    Maximum passage length: 120m
    Passage width: 1.6 – 5.0m
    Clearance under slatted floor: Min. 300mm
    Powerpack: 1.5Kw – 2.2Kw
    Rambox long: 115 x 300 x 1250 mm
    Rambox short: 115 x 300 x 650 mm