• Side-by-Side DairyParlor P7550

    Milk more cows per hour than ever before with the increased throughput performance of the DairyParlor P7500 side by side system from GEA.

    Maximise efficiency and space usage while also ensuring optimal cow comfort and convenience in your milking routine. The world-renowned DairyParlor parallel, milking parlour range is robust with a long life span and requires low maintenance.

  • Side-by-Side DairyParlor P7550

    Side by side milking with vertical lift means reduced milking time and increased cow flow when using GEA’s DairyParlor P7550.

    You don’t require a large space to milk a large herd with this super compact milking parlour which is designed to be flexible and expandable, so it can grow as your dairy production operation does. The DairyParlor P7550 is the perfect milking equipment for mid to large-sized dairy herds.

    Unique compact design allows you to milk a large number of cows comfortably in a very small space.

    Fast cow flow:
    Your cows are barrier-free almost instantly, as the exit gates lift within seconds. Cows can move quickly and comfortably, with no equipment obstructing the exiting zone.

    Convenient operation:
    The group indexing function allows you to adjust the contoured exit gate individually at the touch of button, so that each cow can be manoeuvred into the ideal milking position, regardless of animal size.

    Optimal, clean milking:
    The group indexing function gently manoeuvres smaller cows and heifers towards the splash shield, making it easy to perfectly position each udder for cluster attachment – all while ensuring the entire milking environment is kept clean and uncontaminated.

    Fast and easy handling:
    Short distances and carefully designed ergonomics allow for simple and fast operation, with safe and easy access to each animal and a consistently clear view of udders for very handy cluster application.

    Cow comfort:
    Each milking stall is a comfortable 720mm wide and 1.6m high.

    Calm Environment:
    The milking process is completely stress free for your herd to help maximise milk yield. Each cow is gently guided into the next available milking stall thanks to innovative design.

    Long life:
    The durable construction includes stainless steel-covered components and a galvanized frame, and is designed for continuous usage for up to 24 hours each day, every day.

    Low maintenance:
    A robust stainless steel coating on the milking technology protects from dust and moisture, meaning low maintenance is required.

    Reduced noise:
    The construction of the technology has noise reduction built-in thanks to its stainless steel covering, so that your milking parlour is easier on your ears and those of your herd.

    Extendable for increased herd size:
    Extend to suit your herd size – from 2 × 8 to 2 × 50 milking stalls which are double-sided, with single-sided stalls available on request. This parlour is available in standard or subway versions.

  • Side-by-Side Parlour Global 90i

    The Global 90i Side-by-Side milking parlour from GEA is the gold standard for comfort and convenience in milking larger dairy herds. Providing significantly increased throughput, this is the milking parlour of choice for both dairy farmers and their cows, who have been consistently found to produce more milk.

    Intelligent design ensures rapid entry/exit, with pre-indexed cow positioning for maximum convenience for milkers and optimised comfort for the cows.

    Maximised throughput:
    Speedy front exit, quick entry and the fast positioning of the animals results in high throughput. Cows are perfectly positioned for easy cluster attachment while the flexible front arm gently applies pressure to their shoulders to hold position. Rapid exit means your animal group turnovers take place in minimal time.

    Convenient controls:
    A MultiLine operating panel in the milking pit makes your work easier. The control devices are conveniently mounted at head height and you have full control over the gates (entry and exit) from your pit.

    Superb cow comfort:
    Particularly wide gangways for freedom of movement, open layout to minimise animal stress, and a gate design that guides the animals comfortably to their milking stalls, create superb comfort conditions for your herd, resulting in increased milk volume. Cows always have a clear view in front to ensure they don’t feel in any way trapped.

    Save space:
    Side-by-side setup means you can save space, so you have the capability to milk larger herds in a smaller area.

    Individual stall operation:
    Milking stalls may individually opened at the touch of a button as required. Each arm can be opened independently of the others to release individual animals.

     Save Time:
    Control your entire milking operation from any stall using any milking control device as all the individual components are interconnected, saving your time and maximising efficiency.

    Automatically index:
    The flexible front arm ensure cows are indexed automatically, reducing animal stress.

    Long lasting:
    Robust and durable construction from stainless steel and galvanised steel allows for low maintenance and long life protection.

    High capacity:
    Holds up to 2×50 milking stalls.

    Easily increase capacity:
    Additional modules can be easily installed to tailor the parlour to your dairying requirements.

    Clean milking:
    A stainless steel manure gutter safeguards your milking pit and automatically drains waste.

    Secured components:
    Available with a subway system, which securely houses sensitive electronic components beneath your milking pit.

  • Side-by-Side Parlour Magnum 90i

    The Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlour is the perfect choice for flawless 24-7 milking.

    If you want to ensure reliability, this state-of-the-art parlour – which has been specifically constructed for around the clock milking in busy dairies – is the ideal solution. The animal comfort and milking convenience offered by GEA’s Magnum 90i parallel milking parlour are second to none, despite its size. This parlour is designed to generate maximum throughput while significantly streamlining the milking process for your dairy business.

    Very robust construction using stainless steel gates, panels and protective covering maximises reliability and lifespan, while increasing production efficiency during consistent 24-hour milking operations.

    High throughput:
    Stress free, high throughput is achieved with wide entrances, guided animal positioning and fast frontal exit.

    Reliability guaranteed:
    GEA focused on robust construction which requires low maintenance for consistently reliable 24-hour milking. Materials used include rustproof, high-quality stainless steel gates and protective panelling in all key areas.

    Individual indexing:
    The flexible front arm provides individual and automatic indexing.

    Low noise emissions:
    MultiLine operating panel and stainless steel cladding minimises noise emissions during production, which is especially important during 24 hour milking.

    Individual opening/closing:
    Milking stalls may be opened individually and independently of others so that cows can be released when ready.

    Increased animal comfort:
    Wide entrances and gangways for freedom of movement, open front to provide a clear frontal views, and quick front gate release mechanism (with individual gate opening, if required) all serve to minimise animal stress which increases milk output. Even larger breeds have plenty of room, as there are no traditional front arms.

    High capacity:
    With up to 2×80 milking stalls, the Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlour is first choice for bigger dairy operations.

    Increase capacity easily:
    Additional modules can be installed to expand your milking capacity as your dairy grows. All the various components for this milking parlour can be seamlessly integrated.

    Easy maintenance:
    Stainless steel panels feature at the key points of the system for increased protection and longer life. The rustproof panels are water and dirt resistant, and so are very easy to clean and maintain in busy 24-7 milk production facilities.

    Convenient and efficient milking:
    A flexible front arm pushes animals gently towards the milking pit while adjusting to their movements, so that the cows’ udders are always positioned perfectly for attaching milking clusters. GEA’s MultiLine operating panel allows you to mount your milking control units at your ideal working height for both comfort and convenience.

  • Side-by-Side Parlour Magnum 90i Vertical Lift

    The Magnum 90i Vertical Lift Side-by-Side milking parlour is the ultimate solution for larger dairy herds and 24 hour milk production.

    Designed with animal comfort and operator convenience at the centre of the process, this parlour milks large herds both gently and quickly for maximum throughput and milk production output.

    The Magnum 90i VL parallel milking parlour’s key feature is its innovative front exit with Vertical-Lift, which directly results in significantly increased throughput.

    Fast exit:
    Cows leave their stalls quickly thanks to an innovative and powerful pneumatic system which lifts the entire front of the milking parlour in just a few seconds after milking.

    High throughput:
    The fast front exit with vertical lift has been shown to dramatically increase throughput of milking cows. Wide gangways allow fast access to stalls, which are uniquely designed to perfectly position cows quickly for milking.

    Minimises cow stress:
    Wide entrances and gangways for freedom of movement, clear frontal views, and quick front vertical lift, all serve to minimise cow stress, increasing milk output.

    Large herd milking:
    The Magnum 90i VL is available with up to 2×60 milking stalls.

    All cow sizes:
    Spacious gangways and stalls suitable for all breeds and sizes of cow. Even larger breeds have plenty of room, as there are no traditional front arms.

    Convenience optimised:
    Great ergonomic design for convenient and comfortable milking, with easy udder access and full sight of every cow so any problems with animals can be quickly addressed. The flexible front arm adjusts to the movements of the cow and applies gently pressure to direct the animal into the perfect position for fast, stress free milking.

    Cow comfort maximised:
    The system is designed to promote happy and comfortable animals – making them easier to milk. From the rounded poles to the freedom of movement, the comfortably open design decreases animal stress levels for improved results.